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23 02, 2021

Q&A with Diamond Bridal Boutique


Wedding dress shopping is a moment we all dream about from a young age. But as the moment comes closer, it can become quite daunting. The pressure of finding your perfect dress that not only matches your personality and style [...]

Q&A with Diamond Bridal Boutique2021-02-24T13:31:02+00:00
15 02, 2021

Let’s Talk Wedding Budgets!


  The less colourful part of the wedding process but nevertheless - the most important part.  Most couples get overwhelmed at the beginning of the planning once they hear the average cost of a wedding in Ireland these days. Most [...]

Let’s Talk Wedding Budgets!2021-02-17T10:51:06+00:00
9 02, 2021

Q&A with Laura & Benny Photography!


Welcome back to our Wedding Blog series! We have a lot of exciting content coming up over the next few weeks, as not only are we chatting about wedding topics but to the actual wedding experts also! To kick off [...]

Q&A with Laura & Benny Photography!2021-02-09T18:16:21+00:00
1 02, 2021

The Importance of Wedding Decor!


  As a wedding stylist,  a newlywed bride and someone who has attended numerous weddings - decor to me is one of the most important elements to a wedding. Wedding decor makes an impression last!  It is the first beautiful [...]

The Importance of Wedding Decor!2021-02-03T09:33:02+00:00
23 01, 2021

Should I hire a Wedding Planner?


    Not to toot on our horns here, but let's be honest, we know weddings inside-out! It is what we do as a profession and most of all a passion. Most engaged couples are new brides and grooms to be. [...]

Should I hire a Wedding Planner?2021-01-26T09:47:52+00:00
20 01, 2021

Congratulations, you’re Engaged! Now what?


Congratulations! One of life’s most special moments - the engagement. A moment you and your partner will never forget. I hope you have enjoyed all your celebrations with your loved ones, and are ready to begin your wedding planning journey. [...]

Congratulations, you’re Engaged! Now what?2021-01-21T15:09:27+00:00
18 01, 2021

Your 2021 Wedding


YOUR 2021 WEDDING! There’s a lot to think about when planning your big day—no matter where your wedding date falls on the calendar. But if it happens to be in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering [...]

Your 2021 Wedding2021-01-18T14:14:14+00:00