The less colourful part of the wedding process but nevertheless – the most important part. 

Most couples get overwhelmed at the beginning of the planning once they hear the average cost of a wedding in Ireland these days. Most newly-engaged couples would say they have no idea how much a wedding cost – sure how would you know unless it was not your first time? 

Try your very best to stay on track with your budget. It can be difficult when life gets in the way, like your car breaking down or an unexpected bill, but do your best to keep track on the ins and outs of your savings and finances. A great way to do this is to create a spreadsheet. Make note of every wedding deposit you pay, when the next payments are due, and any other important information. Have your remaining figure visible at all times so you are aware exactly of what you have left in your budget.

Heads up newly engaged couples –  if you still have yet to determine your budget, do not panic. The cost of a wedding varies for every single couple. You can make it as big or small, as expensive or as budget-friendly as you wish. It is all down the preferences of each and every couple. 


The rule so they say, is once you have your final budget determined for example – €28,000 – you want to cut this now in half. The €14,000 is now your budget for your venue and reception and the second €14,000 for the remainder of your wedding such as music, decor, dress, photography etc. 

Venue Budget: €14,000.

So if you have 140 guests your max per head is €100. Packages per head can start from around €60+ but you also want to consider the add ons such as your drinks reception, a toast with you meal, and also upgrading food and wine options. Make sure you price around with your venues. See what is included and what is not. And do not be afraid to ask for more for your buck when speaking to venues. 

The below will give you a rough idea on what each factor may cost. Although you can find some factors for a lower price, it is important to ask about their experience and what is included in each package.

Wedding Pricing List

*This list is a rough estimated gauge based on average*

Do not be afraid to be open with suppliers about your budget. They will each advise you what they can offer for your price.

  • Band & DJ: €2,000 – €3,000
  • Wedding Planner: €1000
  • Wedding Dress: €2,300
  • Photography: €2,000 – €4,000
  • Videography: €2,000 – €4,000
  • Flowers: €1,500 (bouquets, buttonholes)
  • Wedding Rings: €800 – €2,000
  • Ceremony Music: €300-€500
  • Groom’s Suit: €100-€200
  • Wedding Cake & Treats: €700
  • Stationery: €750 (save the dates, invites, mass booklets)
  • Bridesmaid Dress: €150-200 per dress
  • Groomsman suit €100-150 per suit
  • Décor: €750
  • Gifts & Favours: €600
  • Hair & Makeup: €50 for make up & €50 per hairstyle per person.
  • Transport: €500
  • Accessories & Shoes: €100 per head/bridesmaid
  • Fees: €250

Bare in mind, most of the above require a booking deposit. A booking deposit can vary from 10%-50% depending on the supplier. It is important you do your research and ask all the questions required before paying your deposit. 

Check out the video link below of our wedding expert Sandra chatting about budget’s:

Sandra From To Have and To Hold – Budgets

Money Saving Tips:

Be mindful of the timing of year. Summer and December prices can be higher due to popularity. 

It is never too early to start dress shopping, here’s why! If you have your eye on dress, note down the details of the designer and the style dress and keep your eyes peeled for trunk shows. Dresses prices  can be slashed by 50% during these events. 

Flowers can be quite pricey depending on season, the type of flower and of course how many bouquets you need. Talk with your florist, they are professionals and they will ensure a beautiful bouquet around your budget. If not, why not consider fake flowers or simple greenery? Etsy is a great website for faux flowers. 

When choosing bridesmaid dresses, wait until the January sales. Most stores and websites have amazing sales, but you have to be ready. They do not last long! I would only recommend this when you have at least 6 months+ until your wedding day. Although the sales are a great way to save money, they may not have all the sizes you require. 

Wedding cars are a beautiful touch to your day, but they can also be quite pricey. Think about who may have a rather swanky car in your friends and family group? Add white/ivory ribbon and they’re you have it! Ribbons available in our showroom and online.

When coming to the finish line of your wedding planning, make sure to set aside an ‘Unexpected Costs’ amount. There is always a few hidden costs within the final stages of the planning that even the super-organised can miss! Things like beauty treatments, accommodation, panic-purchases and last minute alterations. 

If you find you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by your budget or perhaps you have gone over and not sure how to bring it down – let us help.

Our wedding planner has years of experience dealing with budget management and is an expert in the industry. Why not make an appointment to discuss your budget and see how we can help you? We have extensive knowledge of the costs in each element of planning & where money can be saved!

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