We don’t need to tell you that Covid 19 has altered the plans for many 2020 weddings. It’s been an unprecedented time and many couples are on a learning curve. With a new date set and plans on hold, you might be wondering about storing your wedding dress to ensure it’s still in perfect condition for your new date.

Our good friends at Cinderellas Closet in Cork have provided us with all of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to storing your wedding dress.

The first thing to think about is WHERE?? If you aren’t able to store the dress yourself, enlist the help of your mum, your sister, or special friend you know you can trust to do the job! It’s not possible for many brides to store the dresses themselves and to keep it a secret from their fiance so we recommend choosing someone who you know will take super good care of it for you. An added advantage of someone else storing it for you is that you won’t be looking at it too much and it will keep the excitement and magic alive for when you see it again.”

There are a few things which are particularly important when it comes to universally storing a wedding dress, however, we suggest you ask your boutique or dressmaker if there is anything else they specifically recommend for your dress as for example, heavily beaded dresses can need a little extra care or additional measures, but these tips should help!

Storing your wedding dress – The Dos & Don’ts!

Don’t leave your dress in a plastic dress cover. Wedding dresses should be stored in a breathable dress bag. Most boutiques will provide this with your dress. If it’s in plastic inside, remove this and just leave the dress in the breathable cover only.

Don’t store your dress in the attic, there are many potential threats including leaks, changes in humidity etc that could cause damage no matter how well covered your dress is. Your Dress should be stored in a warm, dry, dark place such as a wardrobe in a spare room.

Don’t store anywhere there is direct light or heat. Radiators and other forms of heat often emit a smoke/fume which isn’t visible to the eye and can cause discolouration.

Do be mindful how the temperature and conditions can change throughout the year. Will this be a suitable place for the dress in winter months when heaters are maybe turned on or rooms become colder. Don’t store anywhere that there is potential for dampness.

Don’t hang the dress by the straps only- this may cause excess pressure on them over time. When hanging the dress from the hanger, ensure you use the inside hanging tags. These keep the weight off the dress straps. Loop the white tags twice around the hanger if you need to.

Do be mindful of beading on the dress. Ensure the dress and train are hanging in such a manner that beads can’t cause pulls in more delicate fabrics such as crepe, chiffon or silk.

Don’t use coloured tissue paper. Tissue paper isn’t essential on all wedding gowns but if you are using it ensure it’s white and acid free.

Do alternate your dress from hanging to laying flat every few weeks. Not only does this help minimise stretching of your dress, but the movement also helps prevent any creases from becoming too permanent.

Do check in on it regularly. We recommend checking in on your dress every few weeks to ensure everything is OK with the gown.