With so many couples having to change their wedding plans because of Covid, everybody is navigating the topic of correctly communicating with guests and suppliers. This is where the change-the-date comes in!

Think of this as a version of the save-the-date. However, there are a couple of important differences. These are typically sent out to any guests who have already received a save-the-date or wedding invitation. With a change-the-date, there is more urgency in communicating, so it’s completely ok to communicate digitally. You can do so via your wedding website, email, social media or text.

Wedding postponements happen! Whether it’s because of a global pandemic, or some other kind of unforeseen circumstance, it happens. A change-the-date will allow you to inform everybody of the change as soon as you can. If you’ve ordered stationery then ask the supplier to produce a simple card for you to send out- our friends at The Wedding Scribblers have designed a number of lovely options for couples.

When should they be sent out?

It’s customary to send out any form of postponement announcement as soon as possible. It’s totally ok to do so even if you haven’t yet set a new date. Couples typically send theirs out digitally and then follow that up with a postponement card or change-the-date in physical format soon after. We recommend selecting a design that is a continuation of your wedding theme. Incorporate the same fonts, designs and colours as you have in your save-the-date and wedding invitation.