There’s a lot to think about when planning your big day—no matter where your wedding date falls on the calendar. But if it happens to be in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, you might be wondering what you should do.
We have had almost a full year of weddings where some sort of restrictions have been in place. We have had lots of feedback from our recently married couples . . . none have regretted going ahead with their smaller wedding and have been genuinely surprised by how heartfelt and meaningful the day was and how much fun they had. If you speak to any couple who were married in the last 10 months you will I’m sure, hear similar feedback!
YES – the introduction of the Covid19 Vaccine is fantastic news! This news is extremely welcome to couples who are anxiously awaiting their big day, especially if they have already postponed once, twice or even three times in the last year. It is also welcome to newly engaged couples who may have decided to get married. They are awaiting the opportunity to begin planning and now they can, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the hope to have the wedding they always dreamed of!
Hope may be in sight, but for couples planning on a 2021 wedding, the question is will the vaccine come soon enough? That depends on when in 2021 you’re trying to get married and what your expectations are. As we know the rollout of the vaccine has begun and has been offered to healthcare workers & elderly people. As the rollout of the vaccine will take some time to get around to the full population it is safe to say that early 2021 to spring 2021 weddings will continue to see some sort of restrictions on social distancing and limited numbers in attendance at weddings. If your wedding is taking place within this time frame we advise that you to take the relevent precautions and consider the government guidelines when finalising your wedding details.
We would like to think that if lockdown restrictions prove effective and a vaccine is available then we will see weddings start to return to normal in mid-end 2021 as limitations on gatherings are gradually relaxed. We are staying positive in the thought that the rollout of the vaccine will see a return to some sort of normality in the coming months. However we recommend to prepare and plan for the potential that your wedding may be affected in some sort. Until we have widespread vaccination, couples should plan to implement the safety measure the same way they have throughout the pandemic.