Not to toot on our horns here, but let’s be honest, we know weddings inside-out! It is what we do as a profession and most of all a passion. Most engaged couples are new brides and grooms to be. It is like buying a house, you have no idea what to do until you are doing it. And with saying that, you turn to the professionals to seek advice and guidance. 

6 Benefits of having a Wedding Planner:

    • To manage time, resources & your budget
    • To bring your vision to life
    • To provide continual professional advice
    • To Inspire ideas
    • To create your Dream Team with the industries best suppliers
    • To coordinate your day and ensure a stress free day

Let us help you…

A wedding planner isn’t for everyone, some couples want to take it on and do everything themselves and we love that! However, research shows it takes on average 250 hours to research & plan a wedding – that is a lot of hours out of your spare time! Some couples who are quite busy with a family, a business or occupied with a busy schedule simply just do not have that extra time to give when planning a wedding. Or perhaps you have a lot of it figured out but are struggling with trouble spots and need help in certain elements?

Our Wedding planners here at To Have and To Hold can plan your entire wedding or simply just a part of it – totally depending on your needs and budget.Whether you require a full service planner from the start of your planning to the finish, maybe simply just a coordinator on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly or perhaps all you might need is a consultation to help get you on track?  – there is an option for everyone.

If you are forced into changing your date for the second/third time due to Covid and simply cannot face the stress of re-jigging dates and suppliers? Hand it over to us! 

We’re Experts….

Experienced wedding planners are amazing at what they do. We know where the deals are, what is value for money and what is not. We have indispensable wedding knowledge & incredible contacts in the industry –  regardless of how big or small your wedding budget is. 

Most couples look at hiring a wedding planner as an extra cost, but sometimes hiring a wedding planner may help you save money and – a lot – of time. If you are planning a Wedding here in Ireland, perhaps in Munster, as we are based mainly in this area we have invaluable experience with most wedding venues and suppliers in the region. Our wedding planners know most ballrooms and churches inside out along with photographers, bakers and bands. They know what works, and what certainly does not work. What decor suits certain venues and ballrooms, what certain styles photographers  have – the list goes on and on. 

“The golden rule when planning a wedding is to stick within your budget. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure. Start with your package and then add in the elements that really matter to you. It could be music, it could be flowers, it doesn’t have to be everything at once. Be really smart when you are shopping and make sure you stick with your budget” says Sandra Looney owner of To Have & To Hold.

We can bring your vision to life….

Here at To Have and To Hold we also expertise in wedding styling and decor. This service goes hand in hand with our wedding planning service. Whether you want a rustic marquee style wedding or a romantic candlelit ballroom – we will ensure your vision comes to life with our amazing wedding stylists and planners working alongside one another.

“It is really important to find the right venue because that really dictates the style of the wedding. It is also so important that you find a venue that caters for everything in your wedding. You have the night before for your bridal party, the ceremony, the reception and most importantly the photographs. If you can have all that in the one location it will save you so much time on the day from driving here to there” says Sandra Looney.

A wedding planner could be an excellent investment. After all, it is one of the most biggest days of your lives. A wedding planner will ensure a stress free and seamless experience for you and all your guests. Our biggest advice to you, talk to your partner and determine exactly what you want and you overall budget. Once you have that determined, make an appointment for a consultation with us let us help you from there! 

If you are interested in having a consultation with our Wedding Planner please email us at [email protected]